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How to make money online ?

Making online money usually takes place according to this pattern: niche selection, product preparion and promotion.

But before earning, first you need to learn how to avoid scams, and you can do a basic check on an specialized site.

Niche selection
Product preparation

Ways to earn online money
by activities

We could list over 70 categories of various online jobs, but we will classify them in the following 6.

Micro tasks

Micro tasks are the easiest earnings for newbies. You can find hundreds of sites where members make money by clicking on ads, watching videos, completing surveys, reading mails, playing games and similar jobs.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the sale of products through your link. This should be a physical product or software. When page sells educational, advertising or similar packages with revenue share it is usually a scam.

Passive income

You can earn passive income by investing in interest-bearing programs. Almost all of these offers are ponzi schemes, especially if interest is higher than 1% per day. So you need to invest early and get out with some profit.


You can trade currencies, commodities and derivatives on the stock exchange, through brokers or cryptocurrencies independently on exchanges. If you trade badly, it turns into gambling, like the one in casinos and betting.

Use of skills

By using your own knowledge and skills to earn money online, you will become a freelancer. You are competing for published jobs and advertisers are choosing the best deals, while special pages are mediating between them.

Own business

Own business will bring you the most work and potentially the highest profits. You need to have an idea, make a plan, track the results and make corrections. You also need to be persistent and not give up after the first miss.

How do we work it ?

Our system allows you to build a business from scratch, and become your own boss for free.

Welcome to OMB Digital Marketing

On this page you will find micro-tasks such as: clicking on ads, surveys, subscriptions, watching videos, games and the like, to get a few dollars for the future.

Welcome to OMB Digital Marketing

You will find an excellent selection of jobs at foxyrating page. It also lists the characteristics of each job, confirmations of payment, and user comments.

Welcome to OMB Digital Marketing

It’s good to invest in cheap affiliate programs that find customers through the funnel. One such is the AIOP, which contains some marketing tools.

Welcome to OMB Digital Marketing

Here you start earning so much that you can say goodbye to your boss. It will help you wealthy affiliate site with a free course.

Choose where you start !

You have the opportunity to decide for yourself the speed of your progress, so this program is good for everybody.


Build your business from scratch.

  • personal survey
  • paid micro tasks
  • earning offers
  • potential earnings $ 20


Create your first online course

  • personal survey
  • educational advice
  • free own website
  • guaranteed profit $ 20
  • potential earnings $ 100


Let others earning for you.

  • personal survey
  • kyc required
  • tracking education
  • own website
  • guaranteed profit $ 50
  • potential earnings unlimited

Our Advisors

There are 4 places for advisors. With a one-time payment you get the right to participate in business decisions and distribute 12% of profits.

Open place 1-st advisor.
Open place 2-nd advisor.
Open place 3-rd advisor.
Open place 4-th advisor.

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