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What is an (OMB) ?
OMB is a site that will help you become your own boss, even for free. We provides initial earnings and offers a choice of jobs.
How can I make money here?
On this page you will find micro-tasks such as: clicking on ads, surveys, subscriptions, watching videos, games, network marketing and the like.
How much can I earn?
It depends on the offer and your engagement, and according to the subscription a maximum of: $ 20 for worker, 50 for teacher and unlimited for boss.
What types of membership are there?
Worker for free, teacher $20 and boss $49.

Our Dashboard Helps!

How can I advertise here?
You can avertise in three ways: for free with banners, traffic exchange, or browsing other sites and a paid campaign.
How much cost a paid campaign?
Each 500-click package costs $ 5.5.
How do you pay for earnings on the walls?
Performed tasks from the offer wall are paid from members of the offered page.
Can I set a task for other members?
Yes, you can set your own reward tasks in the GPT / offers section.
How can I make money from referrals?
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Our Account Helps!

Can I register more accounts?
No, one account can have one Ip address. All multiple accounts will be deleted with deducted earnings.
Are there any transaction fees?
There is usual payment fees for processors: Payeer : $0.15+2.5%, Perfect money : $0.10+2.5%
What is the minimum payout and deposit?
The minimum payout is $ 5 for all memberships, and the deposit is $ 6.
Is this a subscription service?
No but we recommend a subscription with our partners.

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